Pre-ops LADYBOY KATOEY yuck, The dick is in the way



One of the reasons why I only get BJ’s from pre-ops with their clothes on is I dont want to see their dicks. I will only fuck a ladyboy that is a post-op because the last thing I want to see is a huge ball sack with a swinging dick in the way of a hot “girls” ass. I KATOEY realize that most of the post-op surgeries are crude but I would rather see a butchered vagina than some huge hard cock. I know that this board is for guys that like pre-ops because some of you are gay but that’s not my style and I cannot for the life of me understand why someone whould want to suck dick or touch one other than your own. I am no knocking everyones right to choose but I just dont get it. Some of you are bisexual and like to suck dick or play with them but I like ladyboys because they look more feminine than most of the Thai girls and they normally have breast augmentation. One of the reasons I like KC3 and King’s Corner is because mostly post-ops work there and that’s what I want. The exception to this is unreal looking “girls” like Chompoo whom I love getting head from while playing with her tits but her pants stay on. Many of the pre-ops get horny during kissing or giving head and get pissed when I ask them to keep their pants on and many ask me to jack them off but it’s not my thing……not that there is anything wrong with it BUT…….why would you want a big cock in your mouth…yuck KATOEY KATOEY KATOEY KATOEY
-If that is what turns you on fine. But don’t go assuming the rest of us are gay. I know some guys here are bi i.e. they like guys too. But most of us do not. You will not catch me with a flat chest normal girl sucking my cock with her top on just because she has no boobs. I can’t believe you did that with Chompoo. What a waste. I’m sure the GIRL had a lot more to offer you. KATOEY

Funny I read a few columns on a Thai gay forum relating to lady boys. (Before you make an assumption, there was a link in a message in an LB yahoo group). They were very derogatory towards lady boys more so than the guys on the straight forums. Any you say we are gay?


-Duno if this is true or not as i have no factual evidence but, from my knowledge Most of the guys arnt gay, they dont like blokes, guys, men with hairy chests but pretty girls with nobs. If u wana call that gay thats another debate. I personally have never been with a post-op (that i know of) there nice but if i wana shag a woman why shag one who used to be a bloke and has had the chop…Now that is what doesnt make sense. I wana see pre-ops big tits big knobs naked no clothes, ill jack um off, play with there balls, suck um, let um push stuff in my ass…thats y i joined this site :cool: but on the other hand if sum 6ft 5 bastard trys to touch my ass i will return to being the testosterone driven creature that is beef and crack him if i have persistently shuned his aproaches… KATOEY KATOEY

So what u need to ask ureself buddy is why u like birds who used to be blokes. whether they have had there nobs cut off or not…ure the same as we are lol as u r knowinly doing it sir, they still have big hands big feet and would sing in the front row in the middle of a chour due to the depth and tone of there voices…

So sir…. i will leave u to ponder…..

No as wordy or as extravagant as Mr.Bricktop but i got the job done…next up Bricktop…lol

-1st my spelling is not always good and I don’t have the academic background of people like Bricktop but so what this is a place to speak, not an english exam.
Mr blazers are you real or is this just a wind up.
Why would you come to a site where 90% of the models have a dick? KATOEY
Are you afraid or your desires and sexuality and trying to hide them by only going with the facade of a woman. KATOEY
the term ladyboy should imply to you: a BOY who is a lady. KATOEY
whatever they look and act like, no matter how feminine they may be, they are boys, or were.
So what, most are better looking and better to be with than real girls and guys who go with them are not always gay.
I have a few gay friends and they are not attraceted to ladyboys, why? because they look and act like women: and I am not attracted to them, why ? because they look like blokes. KATOEY
When I joined this site I was scared of my feelings but people on this board made me feel less alone and realise that I was not too strange. KATOEY
The first time I was with a ladyboy I was nervous and unsure of how to act on my feelings, I soon found that having a cock in my mouth was not such a bad thing in fact it was cleaner and smelt and tasted better than any pussy ever has and it was a lot easier to check for common std’s.
If you are at peace with yourself and your ladyboy it is a natural experience, and when you wake up in the morning and see a womans face on the pillow next to yours you feel anything other than gay.
While you are fucking a man made pussy, something that seems very repellent to me, remember you are still with a boy, accept the fact, grow up and try what could be the best feeling you have ever had, you obviously already realise that ladyboys take better care of you than a genetic girl, so live with it—— the rest of us have. KATOEY
If this was just a wind up———- go waste someone else’s time and leave these good folk alone KATOEY

-I always find it very funny how everybody here is always very eager to state that he is not gay! Hahahaha….well, we all - except Mr. Blazers, but if he is real and just a bloody newborn baby, he’ll find his way as well ;) - love sucking their dicks, a lot of us love to get shagged by those darling creatures and do a lot of other nice things with them. If that doesn’t make us “kind of gay”, fine, but if it does, fine as well, what’s the problem???
As long as they look like girls and only have their little secret kept in their panties just for us, means we have the illusion, or present the illusion to the outside world, that they are women. But fact is they are just effeminated boys with boobs, long hair and high heels. Sorry guys…huuuhhhh…does that sound too gay? :laugh:
Gayness doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to be attracted to muscle men, with a bold head a hairy chest and a moustache. KATOEY
Multisexuality is the maybe the word, if someboy is looking for a label! KATOEY

-I see it a different way. Gay speaking sexually is a very specific term. Means you only like men whether they are muscle men or whatever. You are attracted to masculinity. If you are bi sexual you like both men and women. If you are with a female and she fucks you with a dildo. Is that a kind of gayness? Same if you fuck her up the arse. I do not see it that way. Sodomy is not just a gay thing. KATOEY

Sure these gorgeous girls maybe effeminate boys with boobs though a lot and the ones I have been with don’t look like boys. But remember all of them emotionally are girls. That cannot be disputed. And that is what attracts us. Therefore it contradicts my definition of gay. Also why would the overwhelming majority of gay men (I would estimate over 90%) have no interest in lady boys? On the other side of the coin, how many lady boy admirers were straight and have either fully turned, divert or have a lot of time for lady boys? I would say almost 100%.

I know this subject always keeps creeping up. And it always sounds like we are denying ourselves. In my case I am not denying anything. I have thought about it a lot. I just don’t come to that conclusion. I have suffered absolutely no guilt trips. I did not feel strange the next morning after I had my first experience with a lady boy (hell I felt more guilty after my first visit to a brothel when I was 20 years old). I was still admiring girls the next day

So it brings us to the question why we like these girls with something extra? And it’s always the “something extra” which brings up the gay issue. Well none of us have yet answered that question. The only thing I can think of is that some people sexually like more variety like S&M, B&D, varied fetishes and other weird stuff. For me its lady boys and the full fantasy like experience of experiencing an intimacy with different kind of femminity. I get such a thrill by treating a Lady boy like a real girl. But like the other stuff it does become an addiction. Whether that’s good or not we shall s

- I did state the message on the board in a way that would elicit some anger because I was trying to see how you guys would react to some direct comments, instead of beating around the bush like most of you do. I do agree that being gay or bisexual is not some fixed idea and has many layers but anyone who enjoys sucking dick or even enjoys seeing one has some gayness to him, at a minimum strong bisexuality. The only reason why I occasionally will be with a ladyboy (although prefer women) is that some(about 2%) of the ladyboys look more stunning than just about any Thai girl I have seen. Plastic surgery is the reason for this. Thai men look downright ugly to me but plastic surgery transforms a few of them into women, especially when they get the chop. I could pick out about 15 girls on this sight that no straight guy could turn down if they didnt know they had a dick. For those of us who really prefer some of the rare ladyboys who look 100% woman, we do it for different reasons….because of their femininity. Most of the Thai working girls are tomboys from Isaan and dont dress well and are flat chested…reminds me more of men. A few of the ladyboys are more feminine in their mannerisms and dress AND especially have the one thing that other Thai girls do not have…fake tits. I love the stripper look but most Thai girls love to dress down and refuse to get breast augmentation. There is nothing more attractive than an Asian girl with new tits, unfortunately girls in Asia dont do this. Dont try to psychoanalyze and say I’m in denial because there are tons of guys in the same boat as me and many are with ladyboys without even knowing it. Be that as it may, if you like to suck dick…go at it…..not my thing. KATOEY KATOEY

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2 Responses to “Pre-ops LADYBOY KATOEY yuck, The dick is in the way”

  1. wiltshafox Says:

    I am sorry to tell you (the originater of this thread) but you sir are in denial. i believe if your inibitions would let you, you would enjoy everything about ts preop. Its a ridiculous statement to make to say you only bang a post op because its nearer to a gg, because if thats how you feel you should do just that bang a gg only. there is part of you that desires sex with a man but you wont allow yourself to admit it because of the boundaries in your mind that have been set in your life. i know many guys like you and the one common thing i have noticed, is that when they meet a preop they like and get into a relationship with them( maybe in love with them) they change. it take something like that for them to take the plunge, no pun intended. as for the gay thing, anyone who knows anything about sexuality know their are 2 ends to sexuality and a vast spectrum in between. you cannot just classify somone straight, bi or gay. thats a very rigid attitude. as an example it is well documented that there are many men who only enjoy sex with women but want an emotional loving relationship with another man, what does that make him? at the end of the day you have to make your own choices but be warned your true desires will always surface eventually. if you fight it too long you may find you have lost time you cannot afford to and you cannot turn the clock back. that i take from personal experience. wiltshafox

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