Hi Boss, Pattaya, good short time ladyboy bar



good place to check out is the Hi-Boss bar on Soi Yodsak in Pattaya beach. Yodsak is a great soi with about 30-40 bars on it, and 10-15 girls or ladyboys in each one. although the total number of ladyboys on the street is only about 25 or so, if you find the places where they hang out you can strike gold.

last week I went into the Hi-Boss around 6PM. took 2 very cute 18-year olds upstairs for 200 each bar fine, and had a wild fuck and suck session for over an hour. each girl got 700 more; with bar, girls and a few beers, I was out of there very happy for less than 50 bucks. try that in the west LOL.

great place for a quickie and a good way to start the evening. Yodsak is a great street for informal guys like me who prefer shorts and sneakers and hole-in-the-wall bars rather than big flashy discos. this place is custom-made for people who like dives.-Is Soi Yodsak the same as Soi 6 ?

If so I know it well - went down there a few times during my September trip to Pattaya. Like Jon says its definitely worth checking out, particularly in the afternoon or early evening when there is not much action elsewhere.
Some bars are 100% girls but some particularly at the second road end of the Soi are mixed girls and ladyboys. Most of the Staff are to be found seated or stood outside and you make your choice and take her inside, where you can check her out whilst having a drink. For me that means getting their cock out and making sure they have a good rigid one.
Usually you them proceed to the bar’s short time room. For a short time you are looking at 500 baht upwards plus room fee and bar fine, perhaps 1000 baht including the drinks. Its better to agree your requirements in advance, such as whether you are wanting anal or whether you want them to wear lingerie (as I do).

-Got away with going there one night sitting inside with a mate and 2 Lb’s on stage with there tits out and one each sitting with us, they had there cocks out we were wanking and sucked them and same to us!…nobody seemed to mind…actually the guys in the next booth seemed to be doing the same thing! All for the cost of a beer and a ladies drink!
Did not have time to take them so made sure I went back the next night.
Wicked place if you want to escape the terror of walking street for a night!


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