Philippines looking better for ladyboys


lefty sent me a bunch of pics of some ladyboys from Cebu city in the philippines and I must say that some of them looked pretty decent, certainly 100 times better than any of the so-called talent I saw in the angeles pics sent to me from a member. could be re-thinking a winter trip over there, whaddya think? Manila for a few days, and then down to Cebu? from what I have seen from angeles, which is suposedely the Pattaya of the PI [without the beach], I have no reason to EVER go there. Cebu may be another story all together…… philippine ladyboy have spent a lot of time in PI. Mostly in Angeles City. Only saw two pretty LBs. Most were sweet though.
I would go to Santos street most nights and buy them drinks but never wanted to take them back to the Orchid Inn.
philippine ladyboy
PI a lot of fun though.
Ps. Have not beem to Cebu..I should philippine ladyboy
-Jon if you are thinking of going to the p[i i suggest a look at lookunder male-female transexuals in the philipines there are alot of girls advertising in there, some of em are not bad its a free sight so no harm looking. alot of the girls from here advertise there too philippine ladyboy-After looking at face-pic I tend to agree with donny, out of the 240 on there ,,about a quater are pretty good, damn good infact,,but it could be tricky lining say 10/15 up in the same district, Cebu looks to have a few decent looking ones avaliable, as well as manilla. philippine ladyboy
2 ways to go about it would be find out if they have any kind of Ladyboy caberats in manilla,according to my phillipina neighbour they have transgender showsin Manilla ,or email some of these girls and see what sort of response you get, lay it on the line that your an INTERNATIONAL photographer and you are looking to come to PI to shoot the most beautiful Billyboys in the country.
Most have some sort of email or web page that you can contact. philippine ladyboy

Granted, its a pretty big investment, but a fucking good excuse for a holiday.
philippine ladyboy
Look at it this way, if all else fails, you could line up the street billyboys in Manilla :D :p :love:
philippine ladyboy :love:
Knowing your expertise, once you get there, word travels pretty quick in these circles..

-yes, that is what tends to happen; once these girls get the word that someone is in town to take pics and is paying decent dough, the word getround and the girls start calling me! that happpened in Jakarta and Bali, and in Bangkok I have to turn down the girls when I am there; i just don’t have the time. trouble is I like to keep a low profile; if I start writing these girls now the word may get around to the wrong people and that is all bad. But it seems as though I may do the Manila/ Cebu circuit the same way I did the JKT/Bali circuit; spend a few days in Manila scouting and collecting contacts, head down to Cebu for a week or so and get some work done, and then come back through Manila and do some more shite. could be good……angeles is OFF the list; the girls i have seen from there are all dogs and I am not wasting my time in a city in the middle of nowhere to shoot non-passable ladyboys. At least if i strike out in Cebu i will have the beach to fall back on and I can actually do something LOL. philippine ladyboy

PI is looking better….lefty sent me a bunch of those face-pics links and they looked decent….if any of you guys are in contact with any of these billyboys, send them a link to the site and we can start fishing for talent in that place.
philippine ladyboy

-Hi I’m doing and surfing/wakeboarding/ladyboy hunting tour of asia(Starting sept 22) 1 week in Singapore, 3 weeks in Philippines then 1 week in borneo (do not know what will happen, anyone been there?) Then 6 weeks in Thailand! philippine ladyboy
I will share my experiences of these places with you chaps, Joining this website has already been a valuable tool to make my trip better….thank you very much everyone for your contributions on the forum.
philippine ladyboy

-yes, by all means, please share whatever you find in these various places and especially in the PI. bever heard of any action of Borneo but they still have rumors of headhunting there?? LOL….keep your head about you! philippine ladyboy

for lots more information on ladyboys and travel in Thailand, set aside an hour or 2 and read some of the posts from the old forum here;
philippine ladyboy
philippine ladyboy

good luck…happy you like hanging out here….write me if you need any help in Thailand
philippine ladyboy

-Hello to everyone! I am a Cebu ladyboy and I do agree to the facts that many of you have written here..Cebu is quite a small place and word gets around pretty fast…it would be a nice thing to visit Cebu if you have a contact here and you somehow keep your privacy then you will have success doing so.. philippine ladyboy

pls email me if you like to know the scene in Cebu.. .
philippine ladyboy

and yes Philippine ladyboys looks also different from the Thais…most Philippinas look beautiful even with just hormone intake unlike many of the Thais who have to go under the knife.. .
philippine ladyboy

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