Ladyboy marriage & immigration, “gay” marriage & usa bound



I’m back online and WORKING TOO!!! No, not in Florida as I wanted, but i’m still here in cold, but getting warmer, Minnesota:-)I wonder with all the recent news in the US news about gay marriages if Ladyboys are looking to enter the US during this window of opportunity? I was chatting with a ladyboy in Laos who somehow got a Laos passport as a FEMALE. She asked me if I would marry her so she could move near her sisters in Minnesota. Have any of you experienced this type of request and do the girls even know about the “gay marriage” uprising in the US?

I would suspect customs would be very thorough but maybe its easier now for girls to come here? Any experience, thoughts or comments?

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-Shawn…….as liberal as the laws may ever get in the states, the bottom line is that it will still be extremely difficult to get a ladyboy there in the first place to marry. the same old obstacles are still in place here and also with the US immigration department.

the new ‘gay marriage’ laws are a hopeful sign, but the bottom line is that there is a 99% chance that a ladyboy will NOT be able to come to the USA, anytime. too bad, because I would like that myself and have a few candidates in mind myself, but it seems to be not happening.

-i seen a clip on 20/20 a few yrs ago about a TS ( had SRS done) that got married in Texas (yes Texas). when she got married, the courts new of her birth sex. her husband died from a car accident a yr or so later. when she tried to go thru the legal stuff with the state (still in Texas), they refused her because she was BORN a male. she went to court and still lost everything even though the state allowed the marriage.
even now with all this “gay marriage” uprising going on i doubt it will take hold and the laws will still deny a TS that is now a “woman” the rights of a wife.
i have read that China has given a ladyboy (with the SRS) a female ID so she can compete in Miss universe contest. god knows if china can do that why can’t the rest of the world.
as i stated in a earlier post, try going thru mexico since they are aloowing ANYONE to go thru the gates there. just tell them she is a “guest worker”

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