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Heading up to BKK this week and looking for my first LB threesome. Any suggestions? Prefer hung LB but not too keen on the more masculine looking. Any contact info also appreciated. katoey
-I suggest you really make sure they are up for a full on 3 some and not just taking in turns stuff. I took 2 casa girls b4 but when we got back to the hotel one of them was total let down and left after giving me bj. katoey
The other one was something else but it did piss me off as it was a menage-a-trois that I wanted at the time! katoey
Similar thing happened with some GG’s from Kings Corner. yeh they are up for it in the bar but expectations dont quite live up! Guess you have to spell out what you want ‘exactly’ and then let them name their price.. katoey

-Talisha at Casanova is definitely up for a threesome. She asked if she could bring Jessica over the following night. I said no way, one chick with a bigger dick then mine is bad enough, I couldn’t handle two!!! katoey

-Lisa, just picture a pig on a spit :D katoey

Ive had the pleasure of doing it with a woman, ladyboy and myself many times, but never a 3some with 2 Lb’s.. katoey

Have you ever had the opportunity of doing a 3some? katoey

Im totaly hooked on it,,as a matter of fact, I have lined up for 2 Lb’s to come over sunday night for dinner,,I’ll let you know what eventuates :p kateoy

Try it when you get the opportunity…. katoey

-i have done this probably 10 times and it was just OK. personally, i prefer to give my undivided attention to one ladyboy, and her give the same attention to me. I find that the 3rd person is usually a distraction. doesn’t mean i will never try it again, on the contrary. But for pure, raw, toe-curling sex, I think one-on-one is best. katoey

have had heaps of threesomes. the best ones were two guys one real girl. alot of threesomes are as jon says a distraction,and often wont work. have had a few in bkk that were good with ladyboys but the best one ever was at eden club. money well spent katoey

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