Street Walkers VS. Bar Girls, be careful out there!


Some of you may be picking up girls who walk the beach road in Pattaya or  the streets of BKK; please read this;

one thing about meeting a girl in a bar is that  you can always report any bad behavior back to her Mama and the girl will be in BIG trouble;  they know that and for that reason they will keep their noses  clean.  Many of the girls who end up walking on the beach road in Patong  have been tossed out of the beer bars on soi Bangla or the  cabarets in  Royal Paradise;  they  are not allowed in these places anymore and have very bad reps throughout the whole  beach community.  Stealing from customers, unstable behaviour,  drug abuse, alcohol consumption, bad service, etc, etc,  could be enough to get you banned from the bars and banished to beach road.  again, I rarely go to pattaya  but i am sure the story is the same there; some, but certainly not all, probably have some type of sordid past and the bars like jenny star and limmatquoi  and  Mr. 99  will have nothing to do with these skanks;  be warned.

In Bangkok it’s the same, but to a lesser degree.  Most of the street girls that I know are there by choice because they don’t like the rules and restrictions places on them by bars, or, as one cutie told me, “I don’t want to be naked in front of a roomful of men”.   But, like pattaya and  phuket, there are many  who just have such bad reps that they can not work anywhere.  word gets around quickly in ladyboy circles; a  ladyboy I know was caught trying to take the cash out of some  guys pocket  in Obsessions; she was not only banned  from there  but from Casa and KC 3 as well.  sure, you may be able to find cheap  streetwalker hookers around Lumpini park at 2AM, or on New Petchburi Road or  Sukhimvit,  but are you really sure you want to be involved with these girls?

picking up a girl from a bar, even a beer bar, gives you more recourse should you get robbed, have a bad experience, get a yaba addict, or  an unstable person; you can at least report it to management.  meeting a girl on the street or the beach may save you  a few bucks, but you are stuck with your catch, good or bad.

True to a certain extent Jon but what recourse would a bar have if a girl has ripped you off and simply dissappeared ?
I always think the best defence to avoid being a victim is simple street smarts, I never carry more cash than I’ll need for a nights drinking and ‘entertainment’. All my other valuables, passport, camera , cash , credit cards etc I keep in my safety box so if the worse happens and I get robbed then I haven’t lost that much and not enough to ruin my holiday.
If you put temptation in any persons way then you’re asking for trouble.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with cruising the streets for a freelancer,if you intend to, one thing to keep in mind before you do is put all your valuables in a safe place,,even your wallet and watch,,just a couple of thou bht in ya pocket and away you go.
Take walking street for instance and along beach rd,,Ive had the time of my life sleazing up and down there, picked up the famous Ladyboy by the name of the African Queen at 2am for a cheap charlie price of 600bt…
God I miss funland…

where do the LBs hang out on New Petchaburi ?
I’ve driven up that road a lot at night, but haven;t noticed any

I am not exactly sure of the name of the Hotel, I wanna say New Asia or something like that,  but it is not far from where Asok meets   New Petchburi road [also called Petchburi Tet Mei].   anyway, there are TONS of streetwalkers on this  stretch of road,  about a mile long.  there must be about 50-75  hookers out there every night, girls and ladyboys and lots of   cut ladyboys posing as real chicks.   it’s like the  cops don’t even about this area and just let the hookers and the johns run wild.  I know this because my  room rental last year was on  Petchburi Tet Mei down by Thong Lo and  I used to cruise by this   area almost nightly in a taxi cab and see them all. never really stopped  but believe me, they were there.

Ok,   I hear what you are saying,  but to be honest i think you would have a hard time actuallys eeing any ladyboys there.  and the stretch of road does not go all the way down to Thong Lo; that’s way too far. Its actually just about a mile  of coverage from that  funky little hotel, heading towards Thong Lo.

now, from what Aon tells me [she  was usually in the taxi with me as we passed all these hookers], most of these girls are either real ladies or post-op ladies and the johns they are getting either don’t know that they are  posts or that is actually what they are looking for.  because I assume that most of the shoppers down here are local Thai guys; no farangs see this part of the city unless they live down there like us.   I think if you went there looking for ladyboys you would be dissapointed.  could be wrong, but that’s my general feeling.

you are better off going behind that area on a thursday-sunday night and going to the RCA complex; lots of ladyboys in there all 3 of those nights, and none of them would cost 4000 baht.

good luck…lemme know if you go fishing on Petchburi Tet Mei; i would like to know the results.

ctually you are just confirming what I already expected, that there were no LB there.
I thought ,maybe, you knew something new !!!

I’m going out w/ some girls from Casanova to an after hours club where there are supposed to be many LB - since its after 2am. I will give you a full report. Planning on going next weekend.

RCA is very hit and miss, sometimes there is a bunch of approachable girls, but often not.

Last week I only saw one cutey, with 3 uglies and 2 gay thai guys. I didn’t approach them. 

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