LB-69 Models :: Who has the sexiest bulge in her panties?

Author: leoboy
Subject: Who has the sexiest bulge in her panties?
Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:24 pm (GMT 7)

I completely understand the need for ladyboys to tuck themselves in at times, but the reason we love them is because not only are they beautiful, feminine creatures, but they also have a sweet piece of meat in their panties. So it makes me crazy when photographers shoot our lovelies when they are tucked into their panties. The hottest thing, I think, is when a luscious ladyboy is wearing sexy lingerie or a bikini, with her perfect breasts supported by a bra or bikini top and her panties or bikini bottoms are bulging with her soft or hard girl cock.

So in that spirit, who do you think has the sexiest bulge in her panties? I nominate Ice-Obsession, who, although I usually go for the darker girls, is SO sexy in her lingerie…with those perfect slightly droopy breasts and that sweet, soft yet substantial piece of meat in her panties…

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