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Pre-ops LADYBOY KATOEY yuck, The dick is in the way

Monday, December 18th, 2006



One of the reasons why I only get BJ’s from pre-ops with their clothes on is I dont want to see their dicks. I will only fuck a ladyboy that is a post-op because the last thing I want to see is a huge ball sack with a swinging dick in the way of a hot “girls” ass. I KATOEY realize that most of the post-op surgeries are crude but I would rather see a butchered vagina than some huge hard cock. I know that this board is for guys that like pre-ops because some of you are gay but that’s not my style and I cannot for the life of me understand why someone whould want to suck dick or touch one other than your own. I am no knocking everyones right to choose but I just dont get it. Some of you are bisexual and like to suck dick or play with them but I like ladyboys because they look more feminine than most of the Thai girls and they normally have breast augmentation. One of the reasons I like KC3 and King’s Corner is because mostly post-ops work there and that’s what I want. The exception to this is unreal looking “girls” like Chompoo whom I love getting head from while playing with her tits but her pants stay on. Many of the pre-ops get horny during kissing or giving head and get pissed when I ask them to keep their pants on and many ask me to jack them off but it’s not my thing……not that there is anything wrong with it BUT…….why would you want a big cock in your mouth…yuck KATOEY KATOEY KATOEY KATOEY
-If that is what turns you on fine. But don’t go assuming the rest of us are gay. I know some guys here are bi i.e. they like guys too. But most of us do not. You will not catch me with a flat chest normal girl sucking my cock with her top on just because she has no boobs. I can’t believe you did that with Chompoo. What a waste. I’m sure the GIRL had a lot more to offer you. KATOEY

Funny I read a few columns on a Thai gay forum relating to lady boys. (Before you make an assumption, there was a link in a message in an LB yahoo group). They were very derogatory towards lady boys more so than the guys on the straight forums. Any you say we are gay?


-Duno if this is true or not as i have no factual evidence but, from my knowledge Most of the guys arnt gay, they dont like blokes, guys, men with hairy chests but pretty girls with nobs. If u wana call that gay thats another debate. I personally have never been with a post-op (that i know of) there nice but if i wana shag a woman why shag one who used to be a bloke and has had the chop…Now that is what doesnt make sense. I wana see pre-ops big tits big knobs naked no clothes, ill jack um off, play with there balls, suck um, let um push stuff in my ass…thats y i joined this site :cool: but on the other hand if sum 6ft 5 bastard trys to touch my ass i will return to being the testosterone driven creature that is beef and crack him if i have persistently shuned his aproaches… KATOEY KATOEY

So what u need to ask ureself buddy is why u like birds who used to be blokes. whether they have had there nobs cut off or not…ure the same as we are lol as u r knowinly doing it sir, they still have big hands big feet and would sing in the front row in the middle of a chour due to the depth and tone of there voices…

So sir…. i will leave u to ponder…..

No as wordy or as extravagant as Mr.Bricktop but i got the job done…next up Bricktop…lol

-1st my spelling is not always good and I don’t have the academic background of people like Bricktop but so what this is a place to speak, not an english exam.
Mr blazers are you real or is this just a wind up.
Why would you come to a site where 90% of the models have a dick? KATOEY
Are you afraid or your desires and sexuality and trying to hide them by only going with the facade of a woman. KATOEY
the term ladyboy should imply to you: a BOY who is a lady. KATOEY
whatever they look and act like, no matter how feminine they may be, they are boys, or were.
So what, most are better looking and better to be with than real girls and guys who go with them are not always gay.
I have a few gay friends and they are not attraceted to ladyboys, why? because they look and act like women: and I am not attracted to them, why ? because they look like blokes. KATOEY
When I joined this site I was scared of my feelings but people on this board made me feel less alone and realise that I was not too strange. KATOEY
The first time I was with a ladyboy I was nervous and unsure of how to act on my feelings, I soon found that having a cock in my mouth was not such a bad thing in fact it was cleaner and smelt and tasted better than any pussy ever has and it was a lot easier to check for common std’s.
If you are at peace with yourself and your ladyboy it is a natural experience, and when you wake up in the morning and see a womans face on the pillow next to yours you feel anything other than gay.
While you are fucking a man made pussy, something that seems very repellent to me, remember you are still with a boy, accept the fact, grow up and try what could be the best feeling you have ever had, you obviously already realise that ladyboys take better care of you than a genetic girl, so live with it—— the rest of us have. KATOEY
If this was just a wind up———- go waste someone else’s time and leave these good folk alone KATOEY

-I always find it very funny how everybody here is always very eager to state that he is not gay! Hahahaha….well, we all - except Mr. Blazers, but if he is real and just a bloody newborn baby, he’ll find his way as well ;) - love sucking their dicks, a lot of us love to get shagged by those darling creatures and do a lot of other nice things with them. If that doesn’t make us “kind of gay”, fine, but if it does, fine as well, what’s the problem???
As long as they look like girls and only have their little secret kept in their panties just for us, means we have the illusion, or present the illusion to the outside world, that they are women. But fact is they are just effeminated boys with boobs, long hair and high heels. Sorry guys…huuuhhhh…does that sound too gay? :laugh:
Gayness doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to be attracted to muscle men, with a bold head a hairy chest and a moustache. KATOEY
Multisexuality is the maybe the word, if someboy is looking for a label! KATOEY

-I see it a different way. Gay speaking sexually is a very specific term. Means you only like men whether they are muscle men or whatever. You are attracted to masculinity. If you are bi sexual you like both men and women. If you are with a female and she fucks you with a dildo. Is that a kind of gayness? Same if you fuck her up the arse. I do not see it that way. Sodomy is not just a gay thing. KATOEY

Sure these gorgeous girls maybe effeminate boys with boobs though a lot and the ones I have been with don’t look like boys. But remember all of them emotionally are girls. That cannot be disputed. And that is what attracts us. Therefore it contradicts my definition of gay. Also why would the overwhelming majority of gay men (I would estimate over 90%) have no interest in lady boys? On the other side of the coin, how many lady boy admirers were straight and have either fully turned, divert or have a lot of time for lady boys? I would say almost 100%.

I know this subject always keeps creeping up. And it always sounds like we are denying ourselves. In my case I am not denying anything. I have thought about it a lot. I just don’t come to that conclusion. I have suffered absolutely no guilt trips. I did not feel strange the next morning after I had my first experience with a lady boy (hell I felt more guilty after my first visit to a brothel when I was 20 years old). I was still admiring girls the next day

So it brings us to the question why we like these girls with something extra? And it’s always the “something extra” which brings up the gay issue. Well none of us have yet answered that question. The only thing I can think of is that some people sexually like more variety like S&M, B&D, varied fetishes and other weird stuff. For me its lady boys and the full fantasy like experience of experiencing an intimacy with different kind of femminity. I get such a thrill by treating a Lady boy like a real girl. But like the other stuff it does become an addiction. Whether that’s good or not we shall s

- I did state the message on the board in a way that would elicit some anger because I was trying to see how you guys would react to some direct comments, instead of beating around the bush like most of you do. I do agree that being gay or bisexual is not some fixed idea and has many layers but anyone who enjoys sucking dick or even enjoys seeing one has some gayness to him, at a minimum strong bisexuality. The only reason why I occasionally will be with a ladyboy (although prefer women) is that some(about 2%) of the ladyboys look more stunning than just about any Thai girl I have seen. Plastic surgery is the reason for this. Thai men look downright ugly to me but plastic surgery transforms a few of them into women, especially when they get the chop. I could pick out about 15 girls on this sight that no straight guy could turn down if they didnt know they had a dick. For those of us who really prefer some of the rare ladyboys who look 100% woman, we do it for different reasons….because of their femininity. Most of the Thai working girls are tomboys from Isaan and dont dress well and are flat chested…reminds me more of men. A few of the ladyboys are more feminine in their mannerisms and dress AND especially have the one thing that other Thai girls do not have…fake tits. I love the stripper look but most Thai girls love to dress down and refuse to get breast augmentation. There is nothing more attractive than an Asian girl with new tits, unfortunately girls in Asia dont do this. Dont try to psychoanalyze and say I’m in denial because there are tons of guys in the same boat as me and many are with ladyboys without even knowing it. Be that as it may, if you like to suck dick…go at it…..not my thing. KATOEY KATOEY

going to bangkok to fuck thai shemales

Friday, December 15th, 2006



Hi all,
Im a first timer and I would like to choose a “gal” before I get to bangkok.
although, choosing on the fly will also be fun.

thai shemales

OK, here is what I want…please tell me where I can get it and WHO.
A cute ladyboy with WORKING equipment. I dont want to find out that it doesnt work, after I pay the cash! thai shemales

Im sure this cuts out quite a few choices as the pics on “asianTS” show. Many are unable to get it up.

thai shemales

also, the girl must be in bangkok (casanova or obsessions) or chiang mai, as that is where I will be for my trip.
Help a new guy out, and Please, suggestions from personal experience are always the BEST!

thai shemales
EnemyspoTTed…… thai shemales
Doing it on the fly is best in Bangkok,
Casanova and Cascade girls all ‘work’
KC3 girls usually don’t
thai shemales

Nana Plaza Entrance Ladyboy Katoey Heaven!

Monday, December 11th, 2006



if you like ladyboys [and naturally we all do if we are reading this shit], you need head no further than the front entrance to Nana Plaza. there are 2 seperate times when this is the best place in town; about 6-7PM and then again about 1AM-3AM. early on is when all the bar girls are coming to start the night and it’s a virtual who’s who of ladyboys walking by on their way to Obsessions and Casa and the new Cascade. You will see many faces that you know and love from here, as well as spot many new faces that you never knew before. You can enjoy this best from the Big Dog’s bar on the corner. katoey
around 1AM all the freelancers start hanging around the front entrance, where all the food vendors are and the tuk-tuks. you can always find 8-10 ladyboys here as well as around the Nana hotel parking lot and the new sign there. many of these girls you will recognize; the other night I saw Maye there [from the lesbo series with Tong] and she looked unbelievable…..lost weight and dyed her hair pink and she looked absolutely amazing. I also saw Pim [she is there every night] and also Jeje, Jina and Tangmo. These girls and many others live around this place during this time, and then at about 215 when the other places close this is a fucking mardi gras for

katoey ladyboy-lovers. count on seeing anywhere from 75-100 ladyboys during this time, and anyone who likes ladyboys can find whatever the hell they want right here. katoey

there is nothing like this anywhere else in the world as far as i know, and it is paradise on earth. the other night I felt like I was in a dream and I tried to persuade Aon to let me take home Maye to play around with us but she wouldn’t go for that. For you new guys reading this, please save your energy some night and go hang out here; all your dreams willbe fulfilled.
I think you will find the young lady is trying to maximise her earnings. From the (VERY) little I know about the lady she realises that like most in her line of business, her shelf life is a few years only. Whilst I am not prepared to pay her prices, I still wish her well.
I too work in and industry where the customer gets charged not a fair rate but what the market will bear.
katoey katoey

From conversations with my young lady, I realise that there is no welfare state in Thailand. In your old age either you have to rely on your children to support you, or you have to support yourself. I don’t blame these people for trying to grab what they can, when they can. You would in the same position!!
katoey katoey

Ever had to do pay negotiations with an employer?? These girls sometimes do it 2,3 or 4 times a night!

I’m not justifying what these girls do - just trying to explain why.

ladyboy katoey short time hotels in nana

Sunday, December 10th, 2006



Going to cassas at nana for the 1st time soon and wondered if there are short time hotels there and how much they are, any good? appreciate advice. katoey
-Yes, Nana Plaza has ST rooms available (Casa does not). Just go up to the 3rd floor. Any of the girls will help you. Not sure of the price, as I’ve always made it back to the hotel. Would think that somewhere around $500 +/- baht would be about right….Jeff, your a ST Hotel guy (previous posts have led me to believe you might have made this walk before), what’s the going rate? katoey-LotusMans spot on..t3rd Floor on Nana Plaza has short time rooms. there 300Baht for 2 Hours tops. Its just a small room Bed, toilet, shower. The rooms are freezing though and last time i went no hot water….. But hey if we wanted luxury we wouldnt go to the 3rd Floor in Nana for 2hrs now would we…….lol…Its Nice a cool 2000baht…..100Baht for her lady drink, 600Baht for her barfine, 300Baht for the room and a cool 1000baht for short time…Well thats how i did it. Didnt have any complaints but the other guys will tell u more about price im still a young learner…….:laugh: katoey

-I dont think I would exactly call that walking, But yes I did make a visit
to one of those charming rooms , once. That was about 9 months ago.
So who knows what the prices are now. But, I belive it was less than 500
baht… at closing time.


Yes I must say I did feel like the singha truck ran me over that night . But
it was well worth the fun . I probally would not have done that if I was not as buzzed as I was . Short time is a very fun time , But it makes me feel so cheap :p ….I did get over it rather quickly tho, and nobody got hurt…..well it hurt a little the next day .

standard problems with asian ladyboy KATOEY girlfriends

Friday, December 8th, 2006



I have made some of the standard mistakes that many members warned us about. It is a case of trail and error for sure - mainly errors. I have seen a LB sweetheart on 4 different occasions in BKK and Singapore. She has been great for the most part except for the times I am called a liar and ‘cold hearted,’ etc. The requests for ongoing financial assistance have been few, but lately they are increasing. She claims that it is difficult to find customers these days in BKK and that money is running low, etc. As the story goes, she will have to move soon if she does not get more money quickly. Perhaps, it is true. However, I am not sure. We stay in touch by e-mail and electronic messenger.
I figured that this situation was inevitable based on warnings posted in the forum from the most experienced members.

Does this scenario fit into the standard tactics that have been employed in the past? I am sure that it has.

Any advice? How should I handle this situation? Has the customer stream in BKK (i.e., Nana) declined recently? Or is this just another story designed to evoke sympathy? I though that this would be a high time for tourists.
-High season starts early December. On the other hand, that does not mean that all those extra tourists are flocking to Obsessions and Casa. katoey

I got my request for financial assistance last time after a short time with a girl, and before my plane had landed back in Singapore!!

If you like her, pay her something. If you don’t care, then don’t. But I doubt very much if you are the only one she is asking, so as long as you are OK about that, fine.
-Let me see if I have this straight… The pickings are so low in Bangkok that she will soon have to move? Erm… WHERE? katoey

You are communicating on-line with a hooker. It is her job to give you sex for money. If you are insane or she thinks you are she may well ask you for cash just for the sake of it…
If she is short on the rent ask her how she feels about selling that fancy mobile phone of hers! katoey

Why not just meet a nice ladyboy? There are tens of thousands at shopping malls all over the country. The best way to meet them is to find out when the malls are having ladyboy fashion parades or beauty competitions. Loads of them go to these things. (There is one on Friday and I am gonna go and take some fotos for the site.)

The ONLY thing to do with girls who work in the bar scene is to pay for sex after you have had it.

Still, it’s your cash… do as you wish.


The pickings in the clubs are down. You know why? Because the clubs and girls that work in them are crap.I went into one last week with the owner of this site and after a patient five minutes I walked out. These fucking shit holes are for deaf people! They don’t even sell Chang! What’s up with that shit?

These dumb fuckers have NO IDEA how to run a business, and as soon as these fucking cess pits are all out of business and closed down the better.

You really have to be on your last legs as a person to like these dumps. Why not just find a nice girl from this site, call her or email her, meet, eat and fuck! End of story.

Why anyone would try meeting the skanks in these rat and dog infested toilets is way beyond the comprehension of this writer.


And Karl… Keep your money in your pocket. Let someone else be the sucker.

-Dont part with your cash buddy…. The moment they ask for money they go………What would have happened had you not paid her for sex in the 1st place? You wouldnt have met… how would she live then??? Dont become a statistic bro….Someone that we have all laughed at before….The guy that sends the £££ for someone who believes has now stopped working… Undoubtedly some of these stories may be true….But what has our experience taught us fella katoey

- Please dont think i am coldhearted or anything like that but you asked so this is my 2 bahts worth: You have got to be kidding me!! you want to see the light but for soe reason are still a bit blinded!! this girl uses the guilt trip on you and it seems to be working!!! Thats bullshit!! you are the man in LOS it aint like here in the West where guys are willing to be let around by the nose for some pussy!! Send her money? You really, deep down, know the answer to that question! Cuut her loose and cut your losses-NOW!!! Plenty more fish in the sea. Truly, if you wish to meet a good girl ladyboy it wont be easy but can be done. i wouldnt bother if you do not have the means to live there a large portion of the year. If you are there for a few weeks for your hols just be a slut and shag yer brains out! That Old BB’s advice-ignore it at your peril!! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE-especially from Thai hooker LBs who expect you to send them your hard earned do$h!!! katoey katoey

Ladyboy Salary’s, what a few make

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006



just a sample of 4; this is direct from their mouths; could be
bullshit but I don’t think so. lets not repeat any of these figures, eh lads? katoey kateoy
Oh, freelancer on Sukhimvit and Nana plaza area; 30,000 per
month. she says about 1000-1500 per night, working about 25
nights per month ‘walking around’. probably typical for a
freelancer and they don’t have to deal with mamasans or other
competitive ladyboys.
katoey katoey

Chompoo, Obsessions bar; 40,000-45,000 per month. working about
20-25 nights per month, this makes sense based on making about 2000
per night for sex plus drink commissions. Most popular obsessions
and Casa girls probably make this or more. katoey katoey

Neay, Kings Castle 3; 100,000 per month. This beautiful post-op
ladyboy is very popular with the japanese guys that frequent KC3
and she makes between 4000 and 5000 per screw for 2 sessions per
night with guys; she has a car [rare for anyone in bangkok] and is
doing very well. katoey

Som; ‘blonde’ post-op freelancer in BKK, Singapore and Hong
Kong; not the Obsessions Som. this girl is, simply put, one of the
most beautiful people of any gender in the entire world. her salary
of 400,000 baht per month is unheard of, but that’s what she makes;
about 10,000 US per month. no one has any idea she was ever a boy;
her voice and appearance are perfect and she regularly charges and
gets 500US/night in HK and Spore. You may get lucky and catch her
freelancing in BKK from time to to time, but she will ask for and
get between 5000 and 10,000 baht. Still lives with her Mom and also
owns a condo in Bangkok and a nice new Honda Accord; both of these
are VERY rare for ladyboys or anyone in BKK. katoey

Hi Boss, Pattaya, good short time ladyboy bar

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006



good place to check out is the Hi-Boss bar on Soi Yodsak in Pattaya beach. Yodsak is a great soi with about 30-40 bars on it, and 10-15 girls or ladyboys in each one. although the total number of ladyboys on the street is only about 25 or so, if you find the places where they hang out you can strike gold.

last week I went into the Hi-Boss around 6PM. took 2 very cute 18-year olds upstairs for 200 each bar fine, and had a wild fuck and suck session for over an hour. each girl got 700 more; with bar, girls and a few beers, I was out of there very happy for less than 50 bucks. try that in the west LOL.

great place for a quickie and a good way to start the evening. Yodsak is a great street for informal guys like me who prefer shorts and sneakers and hole-in-the-wall bars rather than big flashy discos. this place is custom-made for people who like dives.-Is Soi Yodsak the same as Soi 6 ?

If so I know it well - went down there a few times during my September trip to Pattaya. Like Jon says its definitely worth checking out, particularly in the afternoon or early evening when there is not much action elsewhere.
Some bars are 100% girls but some particularly at the second road end of the Soi are mixed girls and ladyboys. Most of the Staff are to be found seated or stood outside and you make your choice and take her inside, where you can check her out whilst having a drink. For me that means getting their cock out and making sure they have a good rigid one.
Usually you them proceed to the bar’s short time room. For a short time you are looking at 500 baht upwards plus room fee and bar fine, perhaps 1000 baht including the drinks. Its better to agree your requirements in advance, such as whether you are wanting anal or whether you want them to wear lingerie (as I do).

-Got away with going there one night sitting inside with a mate and 2 Lb’s on stage with there tits out and one each sitting with us, they had there cocks out we were wanking and sucked them and same to us!…nobody seemed to mind…actually the guys in the next booth seemed to be doing the same thing! All for the cost of a beer and a ladies drink!
Did not have time to take them so made sure I went back the next night.
Wicked place if you want to escape the terror of walking street for a night!


pinochio bar, anyone been there ladyboy

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

As I like BJ bars I looked for this place on my last trip to Bkk (it is on the specialty bar page on

Never found it.

Then I did a google search and found the following which I found interesting .

“The shot bar in second road of PAt PORN. 4-5 hostesses of the
ladyboy belong. The bar of a relaxed atmosphere where it is in PAT
PORN and the shoulder does not grow stiff uniquely. Hostesses and
conversation of a ladyboy can be enjoyed slowly”

This bar referred to was the Pinochio bar … A BJ bar with LBs?? that would be nice.. It is supposed to be on PP2, on the left side as you come from Surawong .. one post stated it was next door to Star of Love/Light, but I didn’t see it???

New and curious about ladyboys, Rookie

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006



I’ve recently become curious about LB’s and will be in Bangkok in january and was thinking of going to a LB bar. Which would you recommend for a rookie with no LB experience?
-Went into Obsessions for the first time back in May. It will be very intimadating the first time. Relax and enjoy it. They will swarm you, but worse things have happened to you in the past, I’m sure of that. Find one you like and sit back and enjoy. By the way, this is the best website in the world, the webmaster John and his sidekick Stogie are extremely informative. They also seem like pretty good blokes. Anyway, enjoy your first experience and have some fun. You only live once!!!

-I was new to LB’s a year or so ago and my first visit to Casanova was a bit intimidating. In the early evening there will be few farangs in and they will swarm around you, but shoo them off, sit down, have a beer and take it in and relex.
After a while select one that you fancy and buy her a drink and then take it from there. In Casanova, Obsession and on the street there are LB’s to suit all tastes. Do you want a big dick or a slim femine LB - the choice is yours.

-Well, I pretty much would echo what the guys say here… First time for EVERYTHING is an intimidating affair. Especially so as you are dealing with a lot of people who want your money!

Where are you intending to stay? Is your budget a big factor?

Go to a club like Obsessions and all the girls will be giving you the eye. (Making eye contact means ‘YES!’, by the way!) Look at the bodys for your first beer till you find one that looks sexy and friendly… and simply give her encouraging ‘eye contact’!

Another non-intimidating way to expose yourself to real live ladyboys for the first time is ‘The Honey Bar’ off Sukhumvit Soi 23… Some girls gather here every night and they just sit about getting drunk and gossipping! A nice way to ease your way into the good graces of one or two good lookers too!

Let us know closer to the time you arrive and I’ll pop down to Bangkok and let you buy me a beer, then leave you to it… (I’m pretty sure that within about 30/40 minutes you aren’t going to be interested much in my inane nonsense anyway!)

Good luck, and we better have a ‘first timers’ trip report! :)

Pattaya ladyboy bars

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006



hey guys; short trip report here and when i leave sodom-and-
gomorrah by the sea I will have a more thorough update for

sunee plaza; some decent ladyboys in here but as reported,
very young and some barely passable. these are the types that have
just come in from the country and are not really ‘ladyboys’ yet in
the true sense of the word, but on their way. basically cute boys
with make-up. i have been there twice now and have seen about 10
that I would gladly take home, and ted says that this is quite a
cruising ground around midnight, when the young freelancers come out
in force. worth checking out for sure, especially if you like
small, young, and no boobs.

Mr. 99 shrimp bar; my friend and i went there last night and
this is STILL a gold mine, in my opinion. hard to meet the girls
here as they all have real jobs and don’t just stand around looking
for customers, but if you can chat up a few you will strike gold.
my friend Nun still works there and introduced us around to the crew
of about 10 girls; 7 or 8 were take-home material.

Pussy Bar; great place in the beer bar row that is between
soi 9 and soi 10; there are about 50 bars here and Pussy is in the
back, closer to soi 10. 7 to 10 ladyboys hanging around, with most
being from Laos, and some unbelievable stunners. also a gold mine
and we met 3 or 4 REALLY hot ones here.

Jenny Star is still happening. I was there 2 nights ago
and there were at least 15-20 ladyboys, with at least half being
screwable. not really MY personal type, but if you like amazons and
gaudy make-up and slutty clothes, etc, this is the place for you.
think, Casanova south. saw ‘emma’ from ladyboyguide and she looks
unbelievable, frankly; but just the thought of her kissing the
hairy guy with the dead rat on his head turns my stomach and i could
never take her home. she is very avaialable, however, and out front
and center every night starting around 10PM.

Linda bar…..don’t bother. still old and beat-up
looking and the 2 or 3 that were decent were just average.

walking street is a great place to hunt also,
especially between about midnight and 3AM. I found and took home
an amazing 19-year old cutie at 315 near the Tony disco; she was
a rare gem in a sea of madness and we had a ball until 2PM the next
day. if you still haven’t gotten laid by 3AM you will have no
problems finding a screwable one on this wild street.

lastly, let me mention Tony’s dicso on Walking
street. the music is pretty horrible, but the night I was
there I saw at least 20 ladyboys and some were amazing. this place
is a good ladyboy-hunting ground if you can put up with the music,
the real girls and the goofy farangs like me. worth checking on a
weekend between midnight and 3.

pattaya is very cool but you need a lot of stamina! I
wish i had discovered it when I was 25. But compared to my last 3
or 4 trips here, this trip has proven to be very successful and fun
and I am having a change of heart about this wild city. Thanks in
large part to what i have read up on this board, by the way.

seems like there won’t be much sleep on
this ‘vacation’ LOL

Trial Only $1.85